If you would like to discuss your case with an attorney, please contact us to schedule your personal up to 1 hour long consultation in our office, via phone, or Skype. This consultation will include preliminary evaluation of your documents if you decide to submit them prior to the consultation through the e-mail. The cost of the initial consultation is $200.00 per hour. Some consultations may take 2-3 hours or more. The full amount of your consultation cost will be fully credited toward your attorney fee if you choose to retain us to handle your case within 30 days of the consultation.

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If you are interested in obtaining a free case evaluation from us regarding a possible case, please select from the list below the type of case evaluation which best matches your situation. Please provide as much details as possible in order for us to effectively evaluate your potential case. We will usually reply no later than the next business day to any Case Evaluation form you submit to us. Please note that free evaluation may be limited in scope and depth, and will not account for every detail of your case. We receive an overwhelming number of inquiries and thereby we cannot guarantee a free evaluation in all circumstances. We encourage you to take advantage of our fee-based consultation service.